Sunday, March 14, 2010

So i went to see the art work of an underground artist work called Crumb at the David Zwirner Gallery on 519 W19 st NY NY i thought it was very inspiring for
a cartoonist such as myself to see another cartoonists work in a gallery. Crumb has a detailed and patient way of inking and drawing. His lines are intricate and well placed. Although it is visually distracting to see the white out marks on his final drafts it was still impressive to see frame after frame of his work aligning the walls of the room. I myself cannot imagine doing an adaptation such as the Book of Genesis, which is very long and must have been tiring for Crumb to do. But clearly his work paid off. Crumb took something that wasn't his and did what every cartoonist should do which is combine the original piece and add his own personal touch to make a illustration that the reader can understand and enjoy.


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    1) I agree on putting your own style in things that already exist, but still feel strong about making own creations (cartoonist or not).

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