Monday, March 8, 2010

First Post-Plastic Surgery,Introductions, and Art oh my!

Here, I will be posting about interesting art pieces in see in the NYC gallerys in Chelsea on the Lower West Side. As well as some of my own work. I will be doing this weekly blog, with a variety of art pieces in different mediums to comment on. I hope you enjoy it. My first post will be about my art work then later on in the week i will show you some art from the gallerys i went to.
This first piece i am showing you is my commentary on the obsession with todays culture of beauty through plastic surgery. There has been so much abuse of plastic surgery there have been horror stories of facial parts falling off, and cases of womens breast implants causing agonizing pain, Amy Winehouse is an example. She had to go to the hospital because her "boobs are fucking killing her" and Michael Jacksons infamous nose falling off, still gives me nightmares. It seems like every decade people are finding new reasons to dislike themselves, and go through painful surgery to gain what they believe is "perfection".
Needless to say respect for yourself should not be found by slicing your skin open. Of course society for thousands of years have never made it top priority to tell women they should concentrate on bettering themselves as people instead of looking "sexy" old habits die hard. Maybe we need to advance a few thousand more years?

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  1. Front page huh.

    Anyway, I like it.

    I think I like some of your other stuff more, but who am I to say what is to like or not. BOINK.

    Yah, plastic surgery. It's gay, it's horrible and it's a disrespect towards nature. etc etc.

    You're not the first to find this out, whatyawant? A fucking medal?
    (NOOOO just kidding. It's good you did this.)

    derp derp