Thursday, July 22, 2010

Spirit Art

Spirit art. I like art work that makes me think of spirits and otherwordly creatures. I'm such a big fan of Miyazakis work. His animes always have such beautiful drawings, and his creatures are wonderfully innovative. I never know what kind of monster i'll be seeing in his movies. And i think i'd like my own work to reflect some of his world and ideas. In this picture I formed the noses around this giant blob of a figure, and placed an eye that way a face could be created by a persons own perception. I gave it a plant to hold because like Miyazakis spirits i wanted mine to have a connection to nature which i think brings the picture together and gives it more meaning.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Earth Girl

This is a photo of my friend Candice. With Adobe Illustrator i placed pictures of sky and nature within her body because i wanted to give her a nature look. The piece is called "Earth Girl" i often have ideas of a girl whose body is pieces of the ocean, the sky, and all sorts of surreal nature like things. Candice's photos are always inspirational because she makes really nice poses. So i use her most often for my computer art. She is also a bubbly, down to earth person so i believe this picture is fitting to her personality.