Thursday, July 22, 2010

Spirit Art

Spirit art. I like art work that makes me think of spirits and otherwordly creatures. I'm such a big fan of Miyazakis work. His animes always have such beautiful drawings, and his creatures are wonderfully innovative. I never know what kind of monster i'll be seeing in his movies. And i think i'd like my own work to reflect some of his world and ideas. In this picture I formed the noses around this giant blob of a figure, and placed an eye that way a face could be created by a persons own perception. I gave it a plant to hold because like Miyazakis spirits i wanted mine to have a connection to nature which i think brings the picture together and gives it more meaning.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Earth Girl

This is a photo of my friend Candice. With Adobe Illustrator i placed pictures of sky and nature within her body because i wanted to give her a nature look. The piece is called "Earth Girl" i often have ideas of a girl whose body is pieces of the ocean, the sky, and all sorts of surreal nature like things. Candice's photos are always inspirational because she makes really nice poses. So i use her most often for my computer art. She is also a bubbly, down to earth person so i believe this picture is fitting to her personality.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Ray Johnson Collage

My photoshop fan picture of Ray Johnson. Who committed suicide in 1998 by jumping off a bridge. He was an underground collage artist who never really got the fame he deserved. If you look closely James Dean is in the picture, he did a series of works where he would take a photograph then put the sticker "Lucky Strike" on the photograph. But he is mainly known for his "bunny" cartoons. I thought it only fair he get his own lucky strike collage! i hope you enjoy what i did. I used layers in photoshop and transparency to give it that "faded look" please comment if there is anymore you would like to know.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

So i went to see the art work of an underground artist work called Crumb at the David Zwirner Gallery on 519 W19 st NY NY i thought it was very inspiring for
a cartoonist such as myself to see another cartoonists work in a gallery. Crumb has a detailed and patient way of inking and drawing. His lines are intricate and well placed. Although it is visually distracting to see the white out marks on his final drafts it was still impressive to see frame after frame of his work aligning the walls of the room. I myself cannot imagine doing an adaptation such as the Book of Genesis, which is very long and must have been tiring for Crumb to do. But clearly his work paid off. Crumb took something that wasn't his and did what every cartoonist should do which is combine the original piece and add his own personal touch to make a illustration that the reader can understand and enjoy.

Monday, March 8, 2010

First Post-Plastic Surgery,Introductions, and Art oh my!

Here, I will be posting about interesting art pieces in see in the NYC gallerys in Chelsea on the Lower West Side. As well as some of my own work. I will be doing this weekly blog, with a variety of art pieces in different mediums to comment on. I hope you enjoy it. My first post will be about my art work then later on in the week i will show you some art from the gallerys i went to.
This first piece i am showing you is my commentary on the obsession with todays culture of beauty through plastic surgery. There has been so much abuse of plastic surgery there have been horror stories of facial parts falling off, and cases of womens breast implants causing agonizing pain, Amy Winehouse is an example. She had to go to the hospital because her "boobs are fucking killing her" and Michael Jacksons infamous nose falling off, still gives me nightmares. It seems like every decade people are finding new reasons to dislike themselves, and go through painful surgery to gain what they believe is "perfection".
Needless to say respect for yourself should not be found by slicing your skin open. Of course society for thousands of years have never made it top priority to tell women they should concentrate on bettering themselves as people instead of looking "sexy" old habits die hard. Maybe we need to advance a few thousand more years?